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Samuel Tait I/O

    Today’s guest is Samuel Tait, Managing Partner at I/O. He is a marketing and digital leader, helping companies grow through innovation. He’s a mentor at the SWITCH Festival and has got Degrees from RMIT , Melbourne University and Worton. He also writes for Marketing Magazine¬†. Samuel discusses technology and marketing, technology, implementing change, innovation, ¬†telecommunication,

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    Selwyn D`Souza Cognaissance

      Today’s guest is Selwyn D’ Souza – Co-Founder of a company called Cognaissance. He was recently a partner at Deloitte. He has taught MBA elective courses on managing new ventures at the Melbourne Business School. Selwyn discusses creating an environment for innovation, prototyping, learning from failure , entrepreneurship, startups, conceptualisation, generation of ideas and collaboration

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