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Kevin Bloch CTO Cisco

    Today’s guest is Kevin Bloch– Chief Technology Officer at CISCO in Australia and New Zealand. He works across cutting-edge technologies and leads a lot of innovation for CISCO in Australia, including the recently announced IOT Innovation Centre in Perth . Kevin discusses technology, product development, engineering, networking, innovation, customer focus and sales leadership.   Interview Sponsor

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    Karthik Reddy, Matthew Crozier Bang the Table

      Today’s guests are Karthik Reddy– Co Founder & CTO,  and Matthew Crozier – Co Founder & CEO from Bang the Table – a community engagement specialist organisation that make digital engagement software solutions. Matthew and Karthik discuss start-ups, finding unique solutions and ideas for problem-solving, building a strong client base and the opportunities in Australia for networking

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      Lauren Fried Pulse Marketing

        Today’s guest is Lauren Fried – Founder and Managing Director of Pulse Marketing. Lauren is a panelist on The Gruen Planet with Wil Anderson on the ABC. She on the board of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Inspiring Rare Birds and a host of other board and advisory roles. She is also a keynote speaker. Lauren discusses

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